18 Oct

A Blinking Good Look: The Endless Possibilities with Eyelash Extensions

In this post, we look at commonly asked questions about eyelash extensions, the beauty trend that continues to be in demand in salons across the UK, reshaping how we highlight our eyes. Many people are intrigued to try this transformative beauty method, from the average worker to the red-carpet celebrity. But before you book that […]


11 Jul

Ditch the Mascara: Get the Ultimate Glam with Russian Lashes

Introduction to Russian Lashes Understanding Eyelash Extensions Do you want long and beautiful lashes? Eyelash extensions are a popular way to achieve this look. Eyelash extensions are synthetic or natural fibres with a semi-permanent adhesive attached to your natural lashes. The lashes will last until the host lash falls out naturally, meaning that after around […]


15 Mar

Understanding Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Lashes

Lash extensions are all the rage right now regarding accessible and transformative beauty treatments. These tiny lash-like hairs are made from mink, silk, or synthetic materials and help your eyes appear bigger and brighter, giving you a more put-together appearance without needing additional makeup. If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions, there […]


5 Mar

Lash Lift vs. Lash Extensions: Deciding on Your Perfect Look

A great set of lashes and mascara can make or break the impact of your look. Getting your eyelashes professionally done is a popular choice for a little confidence boost that ensures you look your best daily. The eyelash services a beauty technician often provides can be sorted into two primary types: a lash lift […]


23 Feb

How Designer Lashes Became a Beauty Essential

Unfortunately, we must begin our history with some gore. To understand how designer lashes became a beauty essential, we must understand why false eyelashes were deemed attractive in the first place. Sexy Lashes The fascination with longer lashes derives from the belief that lashes shorten with ageing. Pliny the Elder, an author in ancient Rome, made […]


20 Sep

What Are Russian Lashes?

Russian eyelash extensions have become a popular trend in the beauty sector for the last few years. As the name suggests, Beauticians first began using them in Russia around a decade ago. They provide a fuller, more voluminous look than classic extensions, which add plenty of length but do little to help very sparse lashes, […]


11 Aug

Do Extensions Ruin Your Real Lashes?

Do Extensions Ruin Your Real Lashes? Do extensions ruin your real lashes?  Not if applied correctly; it is essential to use a technician who will care for your lashes. After wearing extensions for several months, your real lashes may become slightly shorter, but this is not permanent damage; having a break from extensions or using […]


27 Jul

What To Do After Getting Eyelash Extensions

So you want to know what to do after getting extensions? It’s essential to follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your lash technician if you’re going to get as much longevity out of them as possible. The instructions are simple to follow, but the first 24 to 48 hours are crucial to the bonding […]


19 Feb

What is in Eyelash Extension Glue

Cyanoacrylate in Eyelash Extension Glue – Drying time The main ingredient in Eyelash extension glue is cyanoacrylate, pronounced SIGH-UH-NO-CRY-LATE, but what does it mean? We can break it down into two words cyanide and acrylate. Cyanide is a carbon atom that has been (triple) bonded to a nitrogen atom. Cyanide sounds a bit scary, and […]


15 Feb

What Does ‘Mink’ Mean in Eyelash Extensions?

So why are they called mink eyelashes? What does ‘mink’ mean in eyelash extensions? Is it because they are from real minks? Yes, they can be from real mink, but the most popular mink eyelash extensions are from a synthetic material called PBT. PBT is a plastic substance with excellent shape memory and superior heat […]