What Does ‘Mink’ Mean in Eyelash Extensions?

So why are they called mink eyelashes? What does ‘mink’ mean in eyelash extensions? Is it because they are from real minks? Yes, they can be from real mink, but the most popular mink eyelash extensions are from a synthetic material called PBT. PBT is a plastic substance with excellent shape memory and superior heat and chemical resistance; therefore, the lashes hold their shape for a considerable time. Unlike eyelashes made from real mink, depending on the mink’s quality, they can sometimes lose their curl if exposed to too much water.

More About PBT

PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) is a member of the polyester family of polymers. Often used in eyelash extensions, it has much more extensive use, particularly in many household products, such as toothbrushes. Our lashes are made from top-quality Korean-made PBT fibre, making them soft, lush, and flexible.

So Why Are They Called Mink Lashes

Why are they called mink lashes if they are not from the animal? The word ‘mink’ confuses many lash artists and their clients, and therefore many assume the lashes are from animal hair. However, the term ‘mink’ actually refers to the lashes’ texture because they are so soft and very close in character to real fur. They also tend to have a more matt sheen than the ‘silk’ lashes (not natural silk, they are also made from PBT), which tend to have a glossier sheen.

But What About Other Types of Lashes

You’ve probably heard of other types of eyelash extensions, such as Cashmere, Flat, Laser, Velvet, Silk, Sable, Ombre, Mermaid, Volume, or Russian, all made from PBT. Cashmere and flat lashes are the same eyelash extensions (just different names by different brands) and are flat in shape at the lash base. In contrast, the more traditional mink PBT lashes are round at the base. The flatter shape is a progression in design, enabling the lash extension’s surface area to cover a wider area of the natural eyelash it’s bonded to; therefore, the bonded area should stay bonded together for longer.

Laser lashes are designed to improve the bonding between the extensions and the natural eyelash, but differently than Cashmere lashes. Laser lashes have grooves lasered into the base of the lash extension allowing more glue to adhere rather than forming a glue droplet, which helps with the retention of the extensions.

Velvet, Silk, and Sable, once again, these names are used by different brands to differentiate between how soft and lush their textures are. They do not correlate with the natural material itself.

Ombre, Mermaid, these names refer to coloured eyelash extensions. Ombre is two-toned lashes, usually black at the base, with different coloured tips. Mermaids are so-called due to the colours used, which are green, purple and blue.

Russian, Volume or 3D lashes again; these are brand names for the same lash procedure. This procedure differs from the classic style of eyelash extensions, these lashes are extremely fine grade, and therefore several lashes are fanned together and bonded to one natural eyelash. These extensions can give a completely glamorous look, or for clients that don’t have great natural eyelashes add a bit more volume to enhance their eyelashes.