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    LVL Lashes
    LVL before and after photo

    Even very short lashes benefit from LVL lash perming treatment.

    LVL Lashes, is the latest in eyelash perm treatments – but what does LVL stand for? LVL stands for length, volume and lift. This is a groundbreaking eyelash lifting treatment.

    LVL Lashes is a more natural looking option than Russian or mink lashes, and at our London clinic the treatment takes approximately 45 minutes to apply and up to 60 minutes with a colour boost.  It can last up to 6 to 8 weeks depending on your lash cycle.  Most clients opt to have the treatment re done at 6 weekly intervals.

    This treatment is done on your own lashes, (no false lashes or extensions).  It is designed to give your own lashes a lift by straightening and lifting at the same time and with the added colour boost you’ll get a beautiful ‘open’ eye effect.

    It really is a great treatment, particularly for holidays if you don’t want to wear mascara during the day but you can easily add mascara for the evening which will give your lashes even more of a WOW factor.

    You can be confident in getting the best possible LVL Lash lift as Janette was a winner in the Eyelash Festival 2018 contest.

    LVL Lash Perm

    Unlike the old type of eyelash perming where rods were used, often not very successfully, if you had reasonable length lashes they tended to be wrapped around the rod making your lashes smaller and curling back on themselves and often with frizzy ends.

    LVL Root Lift Perm

    LVL lifts the lashes from the base giving a more open wide-eyed look.

    With the LVL lashes perm treatment silicone pads are used, these are stuck onto the eyelids and then the lashes are stuck onto the pads with a bonding agent, at the same time making sure the lashes are on straight.  This is an important stage and mainly relies on the skill of the technician to make sure the lashes go in the right direction on both eyes.

    The silicone shields come in three different sizes, small, medium and large,  to accommodated different lash lengths and the lashes are curled out slightly from the base of the eyelid.  The perming formula is then applied to the base of the lashes where they are lifted up, but not on the tips thus avoiding any frizzing on the ends.

    After the volumising fix has been applied to the lashes, which fixes them into the new position,  they are  given a colour boost using a blue/black tint, we also give the option of having the bottom lashes tinted at the same time.  Even dark lashes tend to have lighter tips, so tinting the ends will also give the appearance of longer lashes.  To finish the treatment your lashes will be given LVL Lashes Revitaliser which is a light oil for conditioning and growth.  We also stock the conditioner to purchase if you’d like to use it after the treatment to help keep lashes strong and soft.

    You will need to have patch tests done at least 24 hours before the treatment, by either coming to the Central London clinic or we can send them to your address.

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