• Semi and Permanent Eyelash Extensions In London

    Permanent Eyelash Extensions

    Probably the most important aspect of eyelash extensions is the glue or bonding agent that is used. There are several big name companies in the eyelash arena that all use their own branded eyelash glues which usually come in different strengths and drying times. We have tried several different glues in an attempt to find the longest lasting glue, and we’re happy to say we have found one that we’re very pleased with.

    Permanent Eyelash Extensions Without Lashes Clumping Together

    It’s a very expensive glue; five times the cost of other glues on the market but it really does last longer than any other glue that we have tested. This gives our clients much better value for money.  Top ups/infill’s are only needed every three to four weeks unlike other brands which require you to return every two weeks for a top up. It’s also great for us to work with as it has a very fast drying time, which means our clients don’t have to spend a couple of hours lying on a couch.  Depending on the permanent eyelash extensions chosen, w can apply a full set of extensions in 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hours. Also, because the glue is fast drying there isn’t a problem with the eyelash extensions clumping together, as in many cases where the technician places an extension but lets it drop back into line only for it to stick to the other lashes.

    Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions Hygiene

    Ok, you have your beautiful semi permanent eyelash extensions, you’ve been given your information on after care to help your lashes stay in place for as long as possible but what a lot of people forget about is the hygiene side of things. Wearing semi permanent eyelash extensions can make it more difficult to keep your eyes and lashes clean. You’ve been advised not to use any oil based cleansing products, as the oil affects the glue meaning the lashes will come off too soon. Unfortunately the water based cleansers aren’t quite as strong as the oil based, so what do you do?

    They best way to cleanse you eyes whilst wearing your semi permanent eyelash extensions is to use the cleansers as advised but then you need to clean the actual lash line. This is something that should actually be done even if you don’t wear the semi permanent eyelash extensions.

    We have tiny oil glands at the base of out lashes, which secrete oil into out eyes to help keep them moist, without this oil it can lead to dry eyes which can be quite uncomfortable especially if you wear contact lenses.

    The Best Way to Care For Your Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

    The best way to cleanse the lash line is to use either the recommend cleanser or warm water (previously boiled) and add a few drops of baby shampoo. Using a lint free cleansing applicator or lash brush, wipe along the lash line several times to give it a good clean, this will help to clean away any bacteria or debris that has built up. Ideally this should be done daily but at least 2 to 3 times a week.

    Not only will this help to keep your lashes nice and clean, but it can also help you grow your eyelashes to the maximum length that they can be. Furthermore, it’s a great preventative measure to help avoid any eyelash related health problems.  Not to mention keeping your semi permanent lash extensions in top condition.


    Semi Permanent Eyelashes vs. False Lashes

    What is the difference between semi permanent eyelashes and false eyelashes?

    Semi Permanent eyelashes are the perfect answer if you’re fed up with the hassle of applying false eyelashes every day, not only do they look better they are much more comfortable to wear, you’ll hardly notice you have them on. If your time is valuable, especially in the morning getting ready for work, there’s absolutely nothing to do except a bit of eye shadow and maybe a bit of eyeliner but many of my clients say they don’t even feel they need to put anything else on, they feel confident enough to go out in the morning with just the semi permanent eyelashes. Wouldn’t you like to do the same!

    False lashes come in strips and are glued into place along the lash line. However, because of the weight of the lashes and the amount of glue needed to secure them in place, they seldom last longer than one or two evenings.  Whereas semi permanent eyelashes are glued individually to the natural lash and therefore last as long as the natural lash.

    Correctly applied and maintained, semi permanent eyelashes such as those we supply in our London clinic can be worn indefinitely, but unfortunately long term use of false eyelash strips can cause damage to your own lashes by constantly being taken off and re-applied. When taking off the eyelash strips if you’re not very careful you can take your own lashes off with them. Lashes will grow back in approximately 6 to 8 weeks; but as in the case of plucking or threading of the eyebrows, over a period of time the hair gets sparser and thinner.

    Lash extensions should also be treated with care, and should never be pulled off;  they should be allowed to fall off naturally.  After 3 to 4 weeks you will need to have a top-up to replace the lashes that have fallen out naturally. Alternatively if you only had the extensions fitted for a special occasion, you can either leave the rest to fall out naturally or go back to the  eyelash technician to have them professionally removed with a solvent which usually costs between £20 to £30.

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    Client Testimonials 

    I have been having eyelash extensions for over 4 years and I have to say this is the best they have ever looked. Really long and thick, just the way I wanted them. Janette did them for me over a month ago and they look as good as ever. I will definitely be coming back for moreAbstractvibe

    I have had my lashes done by Janette twice now and both times she has done an amazing job, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They look fabulous and last so well. I always get so many compliments and comments that they look so natural. I have recommended so many people and will keep doing so. She is brilliant!Sarah Peck

    I can’t say enough good things about Janette and her wonderful lashes.  They look absolutely amazing and people comment on them all the time, I was even having my eyes tested the other day and spent a good ten minutes with the optician telling me how many badly applied ones she see’s and how fantastic my ones looked…Francis75

    Had my lashes done around 4 weeks ago by a lady called Janette and I must say they are brilliant and have lasted well. My hairdresser commented on how good they looked and asked where I had them done, she had a special occasion coming up and wanted to have here eyelashes extended. I have had eyelash extensions before but wasn’t that impressed, designer lashes were recommended to me and I am definitely not disappointedBubbs

    I love my lashes…been to a few places but Janette’s are definitely the best I’ve had done, and they have lasted so well…have already recommend to all my friends. ..Burkey

    My first ever set of lash extensions was unfortunately with an under experienced technician, and thankfully, I found Janette who saved the day and transformed and enhanced my lashes with her skill and dexterity. I’ve not looked back since, and have been going to Designer Lashes by Janette for over a year now, with regular touch up visits every three to four weeks (as I enjoy the fuller, more voluminous look). It’s something that I’ve now added to my regular beauty regime…Sara Mac

    Just had my semi permanent eyelash extensions done my Janette Vince and they are amazing – look so natural but everyone is commenting on them. The best thing is I just have to jump out of bed and quick shower and I’m gone. Never would have believed they could look so good. Now I have to have them done every month. Thank you so much Jan1rowland1

    I went to Janette on recommendation and I have to say she really did an amazing job…she asked what I wanted from the lashes and showed me lots of different styles before recommending one to suit me. I am sooo pleased with the result!…I save so much time in the mornings now as I get out of bed with curled, thick eyelashes that dont need anything but a quick brush through, instead of wasting hours in front of the mirror with eyelash curlers and heaps of mascara …it is the best thing I have done this year!…definately to be recommended…Amethst

    I had my lashes done by Janette and she was a lovely lady. She made me feel very welcome and asked what type of length & thickness I wanted, I then felt very comfortable. The treatment is so relaxing, I fell asleep as well! The end result was just “WOW!” I was given a mirror by Janette and I couldnt believe it, I had gorgeous lashes. I have since had my lashes done by Janette couple of times and will be doing it everytime. They are so easy to look after and you dont even need mascara as it looks like you already have it on. I have been told by friends and family that they look great as well. Very pleased with Designer Lashes….Shuhena

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