A Blinking Good Look: The Endless Possibilities with Eyelash Extensions

In this post, we look at commonly asked questions about eyelash extensions, the beauty trend that continues to be in demand in salons across the UK, reshaping how we highlight our eyes. Many people are intrigued to try this transformative beauty method, from the average worker to the red-carpet celebrity. But before you book that salon appointment, arm yourself with some knowledge about what eyelash extensions are, the types on offer, and how to care for them to make sure they last as long as possible.

So, What Exactly Are Eyelash Extensions?

Think of eyelash extensions as a lash booster. These semi-permanent fibres amplify your natural lashes’ length, volume, curl, and overall appeal. Attached carefully to your own natural lashes, they come in diverse materials, sizes, and shades, so there’s something for all personal tastes. With lash extensions, the terms ‘semi-permanent’ and ‘permanent’ are used interchangeably, but they essentially refer to the same process.

Types of Lash Extensions

Synthetic Lashes: These are made from refined acrylic and are the stiffest extension type. They are robust and glossy, perfect for those wanting a flashy look.

Silk Lashes: These are comparatively lighter than synthetic lashes, with a delicate, natural finish.

Mink Lashes: Mink is the way to go if you’re aiming for a feathery, realistic appearance.

Hybrid Lashes: A mix of synthetic and natural hairs, these are ideal for those who prefer a blend of bold and natural.

Russian Lashes: Characterised by their fanned-out design, Russian synthetic lashes are lightweight yet provide immense volume, making them a favourite among those yearning for a bold, yet authentic appeal. With Russian lashes, a “fan” of 3 to 6 lashes is attached to each natural lash, giving a very voluminous look.

The Application Process

Having eyelash extensions fitted is an art and requires a trained technician. Here’s a brief breakdown of the procedure:

Consultation: Where your lash goals are discussed, and a suitable lash style is chosen.

Preparation: This involves cleansing the lashes and setting protective under-lash eye pads.

Attachment: A special adhesive is used to bond each extension to a natural lash, leaving a small gap from the base.

Setting Time: This time is set aside to let the glue fully adhere and ensure no lashes are stuck together.

Finalising: This involves a gentle comb-through, and your beautician will inform you about extension aftercare.

Preserving Your New Lashes

Maximise the lifespan of your extensions with these care tips:

Steer Clear of Water: Keep your new lashes dry for 24 hours post-application.

Oil-Free is the Way: Oily products can weaken the bond, so opt for oil-free skincare products. Most salons will sell products for use without damaging the extensions.

Cleanse Carefully: Gentle cleaning with lash-friendly products or diluted baby shampoo is another option.

Avoid Harsh Rubbing: Treat your lashes delicately to prevent premature shedding.

Maintenance Sessions: Schedule regular top-ups with your technician every 2–3 weeks if you wish to continue wearing extensions.

Burning Question FAQs

How long do lash extensions last? 

With good care, expect your extensions to last 4-6 weeks, depending on your natural lash cycle.

Will extensions harm my natural lashes? 

Proper application ensures no damage to your lashes, but shoddy, unprofessional work can cause breakage.

Can I wear mascara? 

Best to avoid it, especially if it’s oil-based. If you must, opt for a water-based type and apply it sparingly to the tips only.

How frequent are touch-ups? 

Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks for a continuous lush look.

Are there any side effects? 

Allergies to the glue or eye irritation can occur. Hence, a patch test is done before the application to check for sensitivity.

And if I want the lashes removed? 

Best to leave it to the pros. DIY attempts can damage your natural lashes.

In Conclusion

Eyelash extensions aren’t just a passing trend. They show how subtle tweaks can boost self-esteem, add a touch of glamour to everyday life, and save you time. By choosing quality lashes and maintaining them well, you’re set to dazzle with every flutter. Whether you prefer a subtle or dramatic look, there’s a lash extension waiting for you. Enjoy the change, and let your eyes do the talking!