Understanding Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Lashes

Lash extensions are all the rage right now regarding accessible and transformative beauty treatments. These tiny lash-like hairs are made from mink, silk, or synthetic materials and help your eyes appear bigger and brighter, giving you a more put-together appearance without needing additional makeup.

If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions, there is some terminology you should familiarise yourself with before booking your appointment. One of the most important parts of deciding the type of extensions you want is understanding the level of volume you are going for with your lashes. The three main volume styles of lash extensions are classic, volume, or hybrid. Between these styles, there is no shortage of looks to achieve, from a subtle enhancement to a full-glam luscious set.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these styles to better understand which is right for your stunning eyelash goals.

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are a more traditional style of lash extensions reminiscent of the alluring-yet-natural styles worn by Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe. They are always attached in a one-to-one ratio, meaning one extension per natural lash. Additionally, classic-style extensions tend to be slightly thicker than other types.

Classic extensions are an excellent choice for those first-time extension wearers who aren’t sure about trying something too bold right out of the gate. Since only one hair is attached per lash, thicker extensions are a great way to add extra volume without overloading your natural lashes.

Classic extensions often use mink eyelashes that give any eye shape an ultra-natural and flattering look. They also come in various lengths and curl combinations to create a natural-looking dimension.

Another benefit to the classic style is that the application process doesn’t take as long as other more-volumising styles, making them a quicker and more affordable option for testing out extensions.

If you want an eyelash treatment that looks like an impeccable mascara application, classic extensions are the perfect place to start. Keep in mind that the look of classic extensions depends on your natural lash base. If you have naturally sparse eyelashes, classic extensions could produce a spidery look that exaggerates those gaps.

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are the ideal extension option for those looking to add some extra glamour and lusciousness to their lashes. One of our most popular extension services utilises a lash technique developed recently by beauty technicians in Russia and Western Asia called Russian volume lashes. This style often creates a uniform lash line, giving you anywhere from a semi-natural volume to super fluffy, dramatic falsie volume extravaganza lashes.

Russian lashes follow specific rules to achieve their glamorous, volumising effects that are much more sought after than traditional cluster volume lashes. Russian lash extensions contain two to six very thin synthetic mink hairs shaped into a fan and attached to one host lash at a time. The combined weight of the extension fans is equivalent to or lighter than the average classic synthetic lash, making these an outstanding choice for those wanting feathery volume with less risk of damaging their natural lashes.

Though they look less natural than classic extensions, Russian volume lashes are fantastic for those who love false lashes and prefer ones that last longer than a few hours. Plus, you can forego mascara for weeks at a time when you have voluminous Russian lash extensions and shorten your daily makeup routine significantly.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lash extensions are just what they sound like—a combination of classic and Russian lashes! They usually contain a mixture of 30-50% classic and 50-70% Russian mink eyelashes depending on the volume level the wearer wants to achieve. You can create a more textured lash line that goes beyond the realistic appearance of classic lashes without looking as false or dramatic as ultra-voluminous Russian lashes.

Hybrid extensions allow your lashes to look sensational for a fancy occasion without appearing overly dramatic during your day job. Additionally, this is the style most celebrities prefer for its versatility and customizability—each set is one of a kind.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Ideal Extensions

Many factors can affect the choice of your lash extensions and how long they last. The following are the most crucial ones to remember before booking your appointment.

Your Commitment to Aftercare

Maintaining a regular cleaning and brushing routine is crucial to getting the most out of your lash extensions. It’s highly recommended you avoid using mascara on your lashes and oily eye makeup as it can deteriorate the bonding agent and cause your extensions to shed prematurely. Keeping up with the proper aftercare routine helps keep your extensions in the best condition possible and extends the time between infill appointments.

Your Desired Look and Where You Wish to Wear Them

Many people prefer to wear more dramatic or fancy makeup for special events and holiday travel, so Russian lashes may be the best option for those wanting luscious lashes to elevate their glamorous looks.

On the other hand, let’s say you want lashes that look more natural and help you quickly achieve a daily soft glam look for work and play. Classic or hybrid extensions with a greater ratio of classic mink eyelashes are better than thicker Russian ones.

Visit a Certified Technician for the Best Results

Whether you want simple and natural classic extensions or the fluffiest Russian lashes possible, visiting an experienced beauty technician is your best option for fabulous and long-lasting results.

At Designer Lashes of London, we have years of experience providing clients with tailored lashes and taking every precaution to ensure as little irritation as possible during and after the procedure. Book your appointment online and find your perfect extensions today!