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    Real Mink Eyelash Extensions

    Real mink eyelash extensions are the favorite of celebrities such as Madonna, Jo Lo or Beyoncé. If you want the same look, individual mink lash extensions are the best lashes to use.

    Canadian Mink Eyelash ExtensionsThese 100% Canadian or Siberian Mink eyelashes are the latest trend in the beauty industry.  The 100% authentic mink fur gives your eyelashes a lush, “velvet-like” appearance as well as the most natural result available.

    Real mink eyelash extensions are superior to man made lashes, they’re softer, more natural looking, and are so lightweight they even attach to your own shortest and newest lashes, meaning you can have a very full lush set of lashes that look completely home grown!!

    Real Mink Eyelash Extensions – For a ‘Velvet – Like’ Appearance

    Mink eyelash extensions come in different sizes and curls similar to the synthetic extensions, so different looks can be achieved from very natural to a beautiful red carpet look. Although these real mink lashes are slightly more delicate than other types of lashes they still tend to last well between top ups.

    Animal lovers rest easy, these Canadian and Siberian Real Mink eyelash extensions are completely cruelty free; no animals are ever harmed in the process.  Hairs are harvested by gentle brushing, then sanitised so even people with allergies to animals should be able to use these mink lashes.

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